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About Us

Gill-Power Hobby Farm

James Gill and Rosalie Power


2124 Millicent Avenue

Shawnigan Lake, BC V0R 2W3

Ph: 250-743-1990

Email: [email protected]

One of our veggie gardens - onions and carrots

Love my Sunflowers

Hours: By Appointment Only


Black Welsh Mountain Sheep - registered breed. An excellent breed of sheep to raise on a hobby farm or for just keeping your grass and weeds trimmed.

Registered Black Welsh Mountain Lambs - $200.00 (we have one ram lamb for sale, but more coming in the spring)

Free Range Omega-3 eggs at our Farmgate - $4.00 doz.

New Zealand Rabbits - $35.00 for breeding and $7.00 per lb. - 4 - 5 per lb. for consumption (We now have our rabbits processed by a government licensed abattoir)

Sheep wool (raw) - $20.00 a bag 

Compost (made up of sheep, chicken and rabbit manure) $4.00 - 10 lb bag

Organic garlic (Coming in July)

Organic Sun Chokes

Stewing hens - $3.00 lb

Some Herbs are available all year round - Savoury, Dill, Oregano, Thyme, Fennel, Rosemary, Basil. Fresh or Dried

What is happening on the Gill-Power Hobby Farm this month!

Spring is just around the corner. Love this time of year. We had a long rainy winter and it is good to see the sun again. 

I can see the smile on my Black Welsh faces when the sun comes out.

We finally butchered our old layers. They stopped laying and the time had come. But I now have a freezer full of stewing hens. They make a very tasty soup and I even made a delicious Chicken Cacciatore in the slow cooker. Our young layers are up to 3 dozen a day now, so that keeps our customers happy.

 We are looking forward to spring to start tiling and planting again. We have to replace a few fruit trees because of the terrible winter we had in 2016-17. We were hoping they would thrive through the summer but just too damaged from the snowy cold winter. 

Stay tuned for my next message and don't forget to support your local farms.